Survival Techniques - Be Imperfect

Survival Techniques painting for the annual Don't Just Stare event at Red Gallery, East London.

After a period of feeling very low, I started the street art project called Survival Techniques, that promotes hope and optimism and brings a little light to people having a dark day. 
I collected lots of experiences and words from friends and family, which have inspired the phrasing of current paintings. I also invite people to submit their own Survival Techniques via the project website, and have received many beautiful words which have and will become future murals.
The paintings are spread across London.
More about the Survival Techniques project here
Check out Don't Just Stare and the great work they're doing
Survival Techniques- Talk to someone
Graphic Design, Street Art, Typography
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Acast mural
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Survival Techniques- Love Well Live Well
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Survival Techniques - Face The Sun
Survival Techniques - Be Genuine Be Yourself
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Survival Techniques - Love Them? Tell Them.
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Graphic Design, Typography
Coach Magazine mural
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Dawning Of A New Day
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
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